Stay safe, Stay healthy

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Considering that many people are confronting an unprecedented level of isolation for modern times, and likely also feeling anxiety about their lives and future, we thought what is appropriate for us to do.
We are one of the Matcha brands in the world and know Matcha would have a possibility to help you keep healthier. So we decided to prepare a chance to get our Matcha more easily.

From all of us at Matchaeologist, we really hope everyone is able to stay healthy, safe and sane. Thanks to those of you who have reached out concerned for us, it really does feel like we have a family, that means a lot.

       期間 : 2020/3/25(水)〜3/31(火) ※完売した際は終了期限が早まります
       価格 : 20%OFF
       商品 : 茶葉全種類  


2020 3月, 22
: news